20% off Coupon Code "carriegems20" for holiday season 2017 Posted on 28 Oct 06:41

Dear customers,

Please enter 20% off coupon code "carriegems20" when you check out.  It is available on or before Dec. 31th 2017

Happy Holiday to all of you!


My Stone Diary for 9/21/17 Posted on 21 Sep 18:25





I am preparing for two custom orders now.


Some reading for my coffee time:)





My Stone Diary for 07/30/16: Gemstone with Button Knots Necklace Posted on 30 Jul 19:52





I just packed the order for the customer:)


Saturday Morning with These Feral Cats Posted on 23 Jan 13:34


She is Lilbit's sister: Little Lion. The one I like best among the four sisters.


Little Lion's breakfast: Friskie's seafood can food and Science Diet's chicken can food.


This is Lilbit's another sister, most prettiest one among the four sisters. (Maybe one of them is boy). I adopt one of her babies. I found her baby after the first heavy raining this year. The little boy was around one month old. He was shaking at the corner of the street at that time.


Here is the little kitten. His name is Zeus:) The rain has changed his fate and opened a new door to him. So he must be the God of The Rain, and this is why I call him Zeus also. I adopt the babies of these feral cats as model in my shop. They work so hard to support around 30 feral cats, including some old and sick one ( dry & can food daily and medical expense). Thank you for all my model cats. You are awesome!


Butter Ball is the bodyguard for these four sisters:)



My Furfriends: Lilbit Posted on 23 Jan 00:00





Carnelian and Howlite Hand Knotted Buddha Necklace Posted on 29 Nov 13:55

This is the custom order for today: carnelian and brick red howlite hand knotted Buddha necklace, 40" long.



Some cat pearl collars were packed.  They are ready to go on Monday!






Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Chalcedony Jewelry Posted on 24 Nov 17:47

custom order today: sterling silver wire wrapped chalcedony jewelry


some custom beaded necklaces here also:




Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Labradorite Earrings Posted on 16 Nov 16:25

custom order for sterling silver (14K gold filled) wire wrapped labradorite earrings. All earwire are handcrafted and hammered.




Elizabeth and Odyssey Posted on 15 Nov 22:45

Elizabeth and Odyssey are two feral cats in my area. I feed them daily.






First Post Posted on 06 Jan 22:44

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